Investigations, Intelligence and Security Specialist

Peter Nicholson

Peter Nicholson is Putt Legal’s investigations and intelligence specialist, whose career in the international sector spans over 25 years.  

Areas of expertise

  • Criminal and administrative investigations
  • Compliance, oversight and internal justice reviews
  • Crimes against humanity
  • War crimes
  • Security and justice sector reform and training
  • Sport doping investigations


While consulting to Putt Legal, Peter continues to perform the role of Director of Investigations at the Commission of International Justice and Accountability, which he assumed in March 2015.  The primary focus of the CIJA is to investigate war crimes and crimes against humanity in Syria and Iraq, and prepare cases for future prosecution.

Peter was an investigations and intelligence team leader for nine years at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, including as the manager of the human intelligence unit.  He was also an investigator and intelligence liaison officer at the International Criminal Court in the Office of the Prosecutor for four years.  For 16 months he was the Chief of Investigations at the United Nations Investigation Commission in Lebanon.

Peter has performed work for the Australian government as a senior investigator for the Australian Investments & Securities Commission, and as a representative of the Department of Foreign Affairs in Afghanistan, focusing on development, stabilisation and security sector reform.

Peter has consulted to the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development, working on reforming Afghanistan’s Ministry of Interior and its police forces, and to the European Union, residing in Pakistan for two years while working on counter-terrorism, counter-extremism and justice sector reform.

More recently, he spent a year as Vice-President of the Cycling Independent Reform Commission based in Switzerland and was responsible for a broad-ranging independent investigation into corruption and doping in the sport, and preparing a landmark report for the International Cycling Union, published in March 2015.

Also in 2015, Peter has conducted training for the Iraqi and Columbian Ministries of Justice, respectively, on International Criminal Law.

In April 2015 Peter was appointed as the Ethics Commissioner for the International Cricket Council and presented at the “Play the Game” Danish Anti-Doping Agency Conference in October 2015.

Earlier in his career, Peter was an intelligence officer in the rank of Major for five years with the British Army.

Peter holds an LLM in Environmental Law and Management, and a Masters Degree in Business Administration, and is an Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management.