International Human Rights Expert

Ewan Brown

Ewan Brown is a former British Army officer who is an international criminal investigations and intelligence expert.  

Areas of expertise

  • Administrative and criminal investigations
  • Human rights and Geneva Convention violations
  • Information collection and analysis
  • Investigative training courses
  • Interview and debriefing techniques
  • Operational analysis and review


Ewan provides specialised advice for companies, governments, international and non-government organisations on rule of law issues and the conduct of investigations into human rights violations and war crimes.  His bespoke training courses cater to legal personnel, investigations officers, and national military and police forces.  Among other matters, he provides guidance on the Geneva Convention obligations, rule of law, international criminal offences, operational analysis, structural analysis, collection planning, interview and debriefing techniques, war-crimes case building and information collection and analysis.

Since 2012, Ewan has worked as a senior consultant to the Commission of International Justice and Accountability, which is investigating violations of international criminal law in the current Syrian and Iraq conflict.  He is engaged in the objective analysis of information and evidence on individuals within military, police, paramilitary and other structures and the provision of case-ready files on alleged violations.

Ewan worked as a Senior Investigator, Analyst and Team Leader for over a decade with the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia and then for the International Criminal Court.

In March 2015, Ewan was a keynote speaker at the Nairobi meeting of the Wayamo Foundation on the Establishment of an International and Transnational Crimes Unit.